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As I was making a batch and freezing the other two batches of chocolate cookies, I could not help but think about Christmas time.


Like many, I love the idea of sending cookies during the holidays. I know how cool it is to receive special treats in the mail and getting that sort of thing during major holidays just has a way of making it even more special.  


I feel a lot of excitement and a bit if anxiety this year.


I’m excited because I’ll be able to send these chocolate cookies along with chocolate chip cookies. I’ll send some with chocolate morsals, some with walnuts, and some with both. 


I can give those who visit frozen ‘log shaped’ dough with a gift card that tells the baking temperature and the cooking time. I’m very excited.


But as I mentioned there is some anxiety. It stems from the fact that the cookies take two days to get where they are going. I wondered about freshness. So I wrapped the cookies in plastic and placed them in a box to see what they would be like after two days.


I was not pleased. They never live that long here, I only bake enough for one day, so I had no idea what a difference a couple of days makes. I must find a way to send them through the mail so that they reach their destination with as much freshness as possible.


I know I have options. If all else fails, I could go the ‘cookie in a jar’ route or simply ‘overnight’ the cookies.

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2 Responses to “Send cookies”

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    I’ve been told that putting a slice or two of apple or bread in with the cookies helps them to stay fresh, but like your home cookies never last that long here! :)

  2. 2

    Thank you so much for the tip. I’ll have to try adding a bit of bread. If it works, the next time I send cookies, I’ll cut the bread into a decorative shape, maybe a star. Then I’ll explain in the gift card why it was included. Thanks again.

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