A bit of flour


Cinnamon rolls


They are one of my favorite breakfast foods. I can mix the dough in my bread machine and then all that’s left is to roll it out, spread the filling on it, roll it up, slice, arrange on a cookie sheet, and bake. Simple, right?


Well recently, I was over at bakingbites and noticed a nice recipe called Quick and Easy Cinnamon Bun Bread. It looked really good, I had to make it.


During my first attempt, I neglected to read the directions all the way through. I simply gathered the ingredients and went from there. After a few minutes of mixing, I noticed that the dough was not firming up.


Instead of checking the recipe again, I proceeded to fix it by adding a bit of flour, another cup to be exact. It produced a dough that looked more like the doughs I am comfortable working with. But then, I was once again faced with the task of rolling it out, spreading the filling, rolling it up, slicing and arranging on the cookie sheet.


Hey, I thought this was supposed to be quick and easy. Time for another look at that recipe. Ahhh, the mix was supposed to be a batter.


So once again, I set out to create the treat. This time I followed the instructions carefully. And I was rewarded with a dessert that looked very much like what I wanted. However, as I did not care for the oil, which I could taste very clearly, I will have to try the recipe again, next time with butter.



p.s. Sunday is a day of rest around here, so I’ll see you Monday.

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